Recruitment / Work environment
Danapha commit to respect and give the equal treatment to all staffs who always devote to the company. As a member of Danapha’s staff, you will get chances to enhance English skills as well as improve professional knowledge. We encourage our staffs working together to create a professional, united working environment and build a long-lasting relationship between staffs and company.
“Positive and Effective Working Environment”
- Create Danapha to be an innovative and sustainable-developing company: strong brand, new thinking, high-effect products.
- Attract talents for rich human resource in both quality and quantity, build a young, high-qualified staffs who are willing to inherit and promote Danapha to high standard.
Human resource policy
- Constantly improve staff’s working environment: modern equipment, working condition
- Implement remuneration & benefit policies and focus on attracting and using talents
- Assure legitimate rights for labors such as social insurance, health insurance, compulsory unemployment insurance, …
- Assure stable job and competitive income for labors
- Give opportunities of career advance for all staffs
- Create professional environment where labors can develop work capability, enhance knowledge and improve technical skills
- Balance between life and work through outdoor activities, artistic activities, sport games, voluntary activities, …

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2. If you are a consumer, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.