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Danapha donated 50 "magic eye" glasses for the blind

(DNP - 04/10/2014) - In April 9th 2016, Danapha awarded "MAGIC EYE" for the Blind in 3 districts: Thang Binh, Que Son, Duy Xuyen - Quang Nam Province.

In the tradition FOR THE COMMUNITY, Danapha team contributed towards the less fortunate lives with the spirit of sharing and spreading love. Danapha company representative - Youth Union has awarded 50 SENSOR GLASSES for the 50 blinds in three districts: Thang Binh, Duy Xuyen, Que Son - Quang Nam Province.

Danapha Representative Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri awarded sensor glass

In the series of voluntary activities are held regularly, Danapha launched and organized programs Award "magic eye" for the Blind in Quang Nam province. It is also the 2nd time Danapha implementation program. (The first time awarded in Da Nang with attached link LUV-den-velvet-nguoi-khiem-thi.html). The program was held at the Hall of Thang Binh District People's Committee in an atmosphere filled with human love and emotion.
Danapha sincerely thank the support and facilitation from Thang Binh District People's Committee to organize and implement the program. Thanks for the support the spirit of the distinguished guests, especially Prof. Dr. Tran Thi Trung Chien - Former Member of the Central Party Committee, Former Minister of Health also spent precious time of sharing.
Mr Phan Van Thanh - Chairman of Thang Binh district Association of the Blind expressed thanks

The Association of the Blind Representative has shared, expressed the affection and respect of community love to the Blind. Throughout of this, the Danapha Organizers feel their small action becomes more meaningful than ever.
Joyful faces with new device support

Sensor Glass - considered "MAGIC EYE" for the blind invented by Dr. Nguyen Ba Hai from 2013 has supported for thousands of visually impaired people across the country and even foreigners. Deeply humane invention from the heart of the community

Danapha Volunteers instructions on how to use glass
Every human being was born with the dream and the pursuit of happiness. But in life, not everyone can be lucky that a man physically heal and "windows of the soul" to welcome the light of the dawn, of the great things in life.
Hope small gift but very meaningful to help blind people more confident, more integrated into the community. That was the motivation for Danapha continue voluntary work with the spirit of "Sharing – let it go - again and forever". And we will continue to "live like flowers - for life, scented"
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