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Danapha visited Vocational Center for Youth with disabilities


On 2nd Augus, 2017, Danapha visited and gave presents to students at Vocational Center for Youth with disabilities in Danang.

Mr Le Tan Hong - the manager of this center has share with Danapha that: “Vocational Center for Youth wih disabilites in Danang has been operating for more than 17 years and has helped more than 200 disabled teenagers to gain craft and job skills. The students would be arranged in different vocation programs, including screen printing, sewing, embroidery, and incense making depending their disability and their level of understanding."


Vocational programs at the center

This time, as well as gave souvenirs to all the students, Danapha handed the scholarships to 3 special situations:
- Le Phu Vinh suffers from retarded intellectual development and other learning disabilities - on sewing program
- Pham Thanh Binh suffers from retarded intellectual development, blindness - on embroidery program
- Huynh Duc Tinh suffers from physical impairments, atrophy of the spine and deafness - on embroidery program

Danapha believes that these scholarships will offset the living cost and improve the studying of the students.


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