Introduction / Investment cooperation

Application of modern technology

Danapha is one of the innovative pharmaceutical companies in applying science and technology in product research and development. This way, we engage in make effective and safe drugs for patients.

Finest herbal medicine manufacturing plant in Viet Nam

With investment up to VND 60 billion , the GMP-WHO herbal medicine plant produces qualified products through an automatic and closed process, from treating initial materials to final pharmaceuticals.

Covering majority of therapeutic classes

Not only known by herbal medicines, Danapha has a variety of classes of medicines, particularly medicines used for opioid dependence. Furthermore, we have prepared medicines in form of nano particles and phytosome, which is an attempt to level with global pharmaceutical technology.

Investing on another plant in Da Nang City High-Tech Park

The project, which is going to start in 2017, consists of a Pharmaceutical manufacturing factory using nanotechnology, biotechnology and a High-technology Research and Development Center. Its total investment cost is up to 1500 billion VND. This step is believed to be a breakthrough of Danapha to introduce advanced and highly effective drugs and to enhance the competitiveness of Viet Nam pharmaceutical industry in global market.

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