Introduction / Core Values

1. Respect

Human resource is the key factor of Danapha's success. Our staff always try to understand and harmonize with different opinions and working styles of each other.

2. Quality

Quality is the fundamental factor for Danapha and our partners. Our business philosophy is created to bring products with the highest quality to customers.

3. Customer Focus

We highly commit to understand what customers need and always focus on satisfying customers’ demands

4. Teamwork

Team spirit is essential and significantly nurtured here

5. Professionalism

Our professional image is based on the accuracy and effectiveness in work combined with our right behavior to colleagues, partners and customers. Danapha is proud that professionalism is one of our competitive advantages.

1. Nếu bạn là Cán bộ Y tế:
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2. Nếu bạn là Người sử dụng thuốc:
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