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     With the tradition of solidarity and mutual love, upon being informed that Mr. D.N.K – an employee at Factory No.1 unfortunately had a a serious illness, the Board of Directors, Trade Union and Youth Union of Danapha immediately called on employees to make generous donations to support our colleague with expenses spending for disease treatment.Accordingly, the employees of Danapha throughout the nation have donated, and sent their words of encouragement to him and his family. After 3 days of campaigning, the total amount raised is 68,950,000 VND.
     On the morning of April 19th, 2022, the Board of Directors, Trade Union and Danapha Youth Union visited and handed over that donation amount to Mr. D.N.K.'s family.

The representative of Mr. D.N.K's family expressed their sincere thanks to
Danapha's Board of Directors and employees.

     The representative of Mr. D.N.K's family said: “We feel extremely touched and acknowledge the timely attention of the Danapha's Board of Directors and employees being for D.N.K. We would like to send our most sincere thanks to everyone for your both material and spiritual support that help D.N.K and our family continue to overcome the disease."

Danapha's Board of Directors gives the donation to Mr. D.N.K's family

     Although the donation amount is not too much, it has shown the beauty of "solidarity - sharing" to the unfortunate employees of Danapha. The timely support for Mr. D.N.K has a profound human meaning, showing the responsibility and attention of Danapha's Board of Directors to support, encourage and share with the company's employees


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